The US - INDIA ART and Culture Exchange Center is proud to have worked on a significant number of distinguished sculpture and art projects in India and around the world as a reputable Indian Sculpture Company. Our artwork is related not only to paintings, but also large-scale murals and megastructures as parts of various conceptual artwork projects.

Museums, industrial halls, hospitals, and airports are only some of the homes to our artwork. Our team always tends to use the traditional ways of making art wherever this is possible. However, we embrace modern technology and the opportunities it offers as well.

We have our own foundry and workshops. This is what enables us to design and make unique and versatile projects.

Foundry – Sculpture, Statue and Mural

The customized sculpture and Statue is one of the most prominent segments of our collections. We have a sculpture and Statue creation specialist who guides us on our projects. We use Bronze, Brass, Aluminum, Stone, Cast Iron, and Steel in our sculpture and Statue projects. Foundry is the most important facility where our sculptures and Statues are made.

Sculpture- Bronze Sculpture, Brass Sculpture, Aluminium Sculpture, Stainless Steel Sculpture, Stone Sculpture, Marble Sculpture, Fibreglass Sculpture, Wood Sculpture, Resin Sculpture, Wire Sculpture, Wrought Iron Sculpture, Garden Sculpture, Paper Pulp Sculpture, Abstract Sculpture

Statue- FRP Statue, Brass Statue, Bronze Statue, Stone Statue, Marble Statue, Human Statue, Animal Statue,

Our advanced foundry covers an area of 1600 sq. ft. It is located in Ghaziabad. It supports all kinds of techniques and processes, with a casting capacity of 500 kilograms per day. This depicts the extent of works we are capable of doing.

Our artwork foundry is suitable for making sculptures - from miniatures (size 2 –3 cm) to large sculptural compositions (size 10 m and more) in alloys based on:

  • copper (bronze, brass)
  • Silver
  • Aluminum
  • Zinc.

We have specialized equipment, technology, and materials optimized for precision casting process in liquid self-fastening masses on wax models. For the production of elastic negatives, we use thermoplastic materials, silicones, and polyurethanes. For the production of wax models, we use waxes according to internal recipes. Also, we always use the finest waxes according to the special requirements of the project.

In our foundry, alloys are made from primary metals in the percentage ratio of alloying elements, which provides the optimal technology during melting, casting and metal processing, and optimum exploitation properties (mechanical properties and corrosion resistance) of our products.

In our foundry, we also do the patina effect. Patina is accomplished by chemical agents that produce alloys in accordance with the colors of the base metal minerals.

In our foundry, we are dedicated to:

  • Process quality control,
  • Basic and auxiliary material control,
  • Quality of metal surface,
  • Dimensional accuracy,
  • Required chemical composition,
  • Physical, chemical, and mechanical properties of the product,
  • Quality of welded joints,
  • Quality of patina.

Our foundry is suitable for casting and welding of non-ferrous metals (bronze, brass, and aluminum). The casting of industrial as well as less complicated castings is carried out by the sand-casting technique (natural and CO2 sand).

We manufacture industrial castings on a milling machine. We issue an attestation for the CuSn14 bronze artwork.

The castings are welded with modern TIG and MIG MAG devices of the latest generation - with the double pulsed current - without cracks, deformations, and porosity.

Some of the services of our foundry are:

- making unique artwork or parts,

- increase, i.e. reduction of the figure/object size in relation to the delivered model,

- patina technique,

-the lost wax technique,

- construction and installation of interior and exterior sculptures.

As already mentioned, our foundry supports the traditional techniques, such as the “lost wax” technique. We have the infrastructure good for heating up the moulds up to required degrees Fahrenheit, which is necessary for the essence of this ancient technique – complete wax melting.

We even produce some architectural elements in our specialized foundry. Then, our skilful workers decorate these elements based on the clients’ drawings. We produce impeccable finishes and guarantee the quality of our end products.


The process of making murals, creating sculptures and other artwork projects is complex and, depending on the material and technique, involves several phases. We have a 2000 sq.ft. area workshop for these purposes located in Faridabad.

This is the place where we make glass mosaic artwork, clay modeling, molding, and casting of different items.

In our workshops, we also have enough space to assemble large-scale sculptures and installations. Our welders and other experts in artwork technical solutions will do their assembly job in an impeccable manner. Our workers and technicians are ready to securely disassemble removable parts of the installation and prepare them for transportation.

Our workshop is also used for glass cutting. In addition, we provide precise, high quality and quick cut metal works, including stainless steel and aluminum. This is done with the help of a modern CNC machine. Finally, in our workshop, we prepare and finalize various toughened glass design projects.

3D Relief Mural section

Be it in Resin, FRP, Fiberglass, Bronze, Brass, Aluminum we have the knowledge, skills, and infrastructure to make both interior and exterior murals with the materials. Exterior murals demand more preparation and special materials resistant to, at times, severe weather conditions. At the same time, we use only high-quality, durable materials in the wall preparation phase mural.

Painting section

We have a modern, well-equipped Studio Facility. It covers an area of 1400 sq. Ft. This is where our paintings are made. We have a flexible studio layout which allows us organizing the space according to the needs of different projects, both micro and large-scale ones. Portable lights reinforce this idea. The spatial organization also allows lots of storage space for our models and paintings. We use imported high-pressure pumps in our studio.   

Painting- Canvas Painting, Wall Painting, Oil Painting, Acrylic Painting, Abstract Painting, Contemporary Painting, Modern Painting

Design and Mixed section

Another important part of our facilities and infrastructure is the visual studio. This is the place where our artwork projects are born. It is equipped with state-of-the-art computers, which allow our designers and artists to express their ideas in a professional way.

We have all the necessary equipment and infrastructure required for reassembling of the artwork in situ.

Even though most of our work requires a workshop, we also often work in nature. At the same time, we care about the environment and animal protection during our work. Devotion, precision, knowledge, skilfulness, and experience, as well as good infrastructure, guide us through our work with one goal: making mesmerizing art.

CNC Cut Metal Work, Toughened glass work, Wood Carving, Stone Carving, Marble Carving, Sand Stone Items, Silver Items, Etching, Theme Design, Digital design, Concept design, Copper Items, Brass Items Wrought iron items