About us

Art does not exist to satisfy the mere “L’art pour l’art”. Art facilitates people’s lives. Art has the power to enter their minds and souls and to trigger growth in people and community in general. This is the core of the concept of our work. US-INDIA Art and Culture Exchange Center facilitates the growth of enterprises and ideas for more than a decade. There is no better way of conveying the story than through artwork.

We convey our impressions of the Organization devoted and inspirational work through a mesmerizing Mural section, continuing it with the eternal Painting section and modelling it through the vivid Sculpture segment.

US - INDIA ART and Culture Exchange Center is a distinguished Indian art company

US-INDIA ART and Culture Exchange Center is one of the three divisions of Orpax Qualtra. USIAC is an Artworks organization which is principally associated with the concept/theme design, manufacturing and installation of Artworks. The organization specializes in producing innovative and aesthetically pleasing artworks for your place for both interiors and exteriors

US-INDIA is an organization, providing an ideal platform for nurturing and encouraging upcoming talents (particularly those, who are gifted but lacking availability of adequate resource) in innovative and truly intriguing artistic and cultural ventures.

Facilitating exchange of innovative artistic & cultural creations and creators within the well appreciative andiences in the socities of the United States, the oldest democracy and India, the largest democracy.


We work across multiple sectors which include but are not limited to - museums, health-care, hospitality, real estate, media and entertainment, corporate and the public sector. Our artworks have been enhancing the appearance of spaces in museums, hospitals, hotels, airports, townships, corporate offices, public sector buildings, theme parks and educational institutes.  We have a large collection of sculpts which includes bronze sculptures, gun-metal sculptures, Brass sculptures, Aluminium sculptures, Stainless Steel sculptures, Mild Steel sculptures, Fibreglass sculptures, Stone sculptures, Marbles, Garden sculptures, Statue and Wood sculptures. We also specialize in Murals of all varieties like wall relief mural artworks, fresco, and graffiti. Painting is understandably the most well-known art-form and is part of our core expertise. From oil, pastel, acrylic to enamel, spray paint and digital painting including 3D painting incorporating different styles of painting like abstract art, landscape painting, Concept Art, Photorealism, Hyperrealism, Surrealism, Modernism and Impressionism we have got it all covered for you.

Apart from these artworks, our work also includes glass mosaic tile, CNC cut artworks on metals, copper and stainless steel. We have more than 400 Artists basically a pool of talents in our organization and ready to take up any kind of concept artwork in varied domains and mediums. Our inspiration originates from the majestic Indian tradition of art and crafts with elements of elegance and intricate details spread across different themes like epics, people, landscapes, and architecture.

 Our creative and passionate team works smart to create artworks that connect and engage. US-INDIA Art and Culture Exchange Center enables our strong connections with all countries in the world through artwork projects. As a result, we are present in 14 countries.

Fields of expertise

We specialize in artwork, sculptures, painting, murals, reliefs, clay models, statues, wall art, garden sculptures, wood, metal installations, and different kinds of customized and contemporary artwork. We are interested in bulk orders from our areas of expertise.

Our skilful team worked on unique projects made for the corporate, entertainment, media, public, and private sector, as well as invaluable interior design projects. We have the infrastructure, knowledge, and human resources ready to work on large-scale projects to be installed and exhibited at airports, museums, hotels, hospitals, corporate offices, entertainment parks, theme parks, public institutions, educational facilities and Government buildings.

Sculpture section

For US – INDIA ART and Culture Exchange Center, there is no obstacle when it comes to materials and techniques, we use for making our sculptures. We work with bronze, gun-metal, aluminium, fiberglass, brass, stainless steel, mild steel, different kinds of stone, including marble, etc. In addition, our skilful and talented partners are proficient in creating mesmerizing garden sculptures and wooden statues.

Mural section

Murals of all sizes and kinds are our specialty. We have a rich portfolio of our unique wall relief mural artworks, fresco, glass mosaic murals, and contemporary wall art, including graffiti.

Paintings section

Painting is one of the richest sections of our past work. We work equally well with the traditional forms, including oil, acrylic, and pastel, and with contemporary styles, such as spray paint and digital painting. Abstract art, which is very popular nowadays, plays an essential part of our past work. We are proficient in 3D painting as well. Our infrastructure also allows us to work with glass mosaic tiles and different kinds of metal artwork.

Core values

Our basic principles are innovativeness, uniqueness, and truthfulness. High aesthetic and technical standards are the guidelines of each individual working for USIAC, and the organization itself, as a prominent sculpture manufacturer India and artwork project company.

Social responsibility

US-India Art and Culture Exchange Center is a socially responsible organization. We recognize the importance of educating the young generation and transferring the knowledge and skills that are becoming rare. We are involved in artists exchange programs. These international programs aim to bring specialists from different fields together and help them share their experiences and good practices.

A follow up of such activities is realized through exhibitions of artworks made through such meetings. We also organize independent exhibitions across India. This is the best moment to say that we are always looking for partners passionate about art and willing to join our mission.

We understand the importance of going international, but also know the value of local art history, tradition, and unique techniques. Our members and partners always find inspiration in breath-taking Indian traditional art and crafts, especially the Indian art statues and intricate decoration. In the past, art was not limited to walls and frames, but landscapes, architecture, mega-statues, the infrastructure itself. It used to be an essential part of life. This is the vision we, in the US-India Art and Culture Exchange Center, want to revive. We want to help young artists understand that art is everywhere and that the media, techniques, and, most noteworthy, inspiration, is limitless.


US-INDIA ART AND CULTURE EXCHANGE CENTER is the brain child of Mr. Dial V Gidwani.

Mr. John D Wilson expressed his interest to extend his Artist Exchange Program in India to his good friend Mr. Dial V Gidwani. Knowing this from Mr. Dial, Mr. Arnab Paul welcomed his decision and invited Mr. Wilson to visit India. Mr. Wilson visited New Delhi. Kolkata and Mumbai. His complete trip was borne by Mr. Paul.

After Mr. Wilson’s visit, Exchange Program was finalized and had one incoming and one out going program USA-INDIA Artist Exchange Program completed successfully. From here the journey of US-INDIA ART AND CULTURE EXCHANGE CENTER PROGRAM started.

As Mr. Wislon was at the age of 80’s during 2010, next program could not be extended further because of his health.  He has retired now. We are looking for new partners to extend exchange program not only in USA but to other countries also.


Profile of Mr. John D. Wilson, President, the Lakeside Group

John D. Wilson founded and was the President of The Lakeside Group, Inc.  Starting with the first Chicago International Art Exposition (CIAE) in 1980 at Chicago’s historic Navy Pier, the Lakeside Group went on to produce other expositions including the Chicago International New Art Forms Exposition (CINAFE), The Chicago International Antiques Show, the Chicago International Festival of Flowers and Gardens, and the Chicago International Boat Show.  Chicago Magazine named him “Chicago’s Cultural Showman” for his dedication to the arts and on the 20th anniversary of Chicago Magazine, Wilson was named as one of 20 people who most influenced the city’s image in those twenty years.

Wilson was also instrumental in establishing the Chicago International Tourism and Travel, Inc., an agency that organizes international cultural travel packages.

A native of Michigan, Wilson has established successful cultural exchanges with Italy, China, Australia, France, India, England, The Netherlands, Poland, Russia and the Baltic Republics. He has helped many artists around the world become more known with the help of many people such as Dial Gidwani a former partner with him in the Travel agency he selected Jadish and Latika Katt from Ghadi New Delhi. Jadish has gone on to become one of India's leading artists.

Dial V Gidwani is the founder President of the American Institute of Sindhulogy and he is currently assisting Mr. Gidwani established permanent  Sindhu Saraswati Museum in the USA. It is a mega project .

Wilson owns the Lakeside Studio in Lakeside, Michigan, an Art Gallery and Studio with International Artist in Residency Programs in Ceramic, Printmaking, Sculpture, Painting, Jewelry and Photography Wilson attended Michigan State University and Maine’s Haystack School of Crafts and received his BA from MSU and received a Master of Fine Arts Degree from the University Of Notre Dame.  Wilson continues to make pottery in his studio and will have his first one man show in May 08

Dr. Randall Miller President of Lake Michigan College is the Chairman of the board of Wilson foundation "lakeside Center for the Arts" and they are both working on having visiting Artist teach classes for LMC at the studios in Lakeside Mi. they are working to have a down town campus in Benton Harbor Mi. where Wilson started a program called "Community renewal through the art" it is taking shape very nicely.

Wilson has received a grant from the National Foundation for the Arts; he received the 1987 “Chevalier dans L’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres” for distinction in Arts and Letters from the Minister de la Culture et de La Communications, Paris; was presented the 1991 Association of Corporate Art Curators award for “Contributions to the Visual Arts”; also received The Bright New City Award; and in 1999 was made an “Honored & Eternal Member of the Artist Union of the Republic of Georgia”. He was made the first foreign member of the Board of Directors of MUZA the new cultural center in Tbilisi Georgia.

Wilson has received the Gold and Silver medals for Distinction in the Arts from Russia; The Republic of Georgia; Latvia; Lithuania; Estonia; The city of Milan: The Expo Commerce and Tourism & The Commission of Commerce and Industry (Camera De Commercio Industria Artigianato & Agricoltura); and the City of Osaka Expo 90 (as a delegate from Chicago).

Wilson has been a member in many organizations including:  The International Visitors Center, State Street Council, Michigan Avenue Associations, Streeterville Chamber of Commerce (Founding Board Member), Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago Tourism Council Chairman, International Committee, DuSable Museum (Board of Directors, Exhibit Committee), and the Art Institute of Chicago (Patron Circle), Lakeside Association’s President and founding member.

Wilson’s support for the Arts and Not for Profit Organizations has included financial funding for the Chicago Sculpture Society, The Great Lakes International Festival, Conference of Creative Organizations Decorative Art Guild, Children’s Memorial Hospital, Northwestern Memorial Hospital, the Art Institute of Chicago and the Museum of Contemporary Art.

The Chinese Ministry of Culture Invited Mr. Wilson to be a speaker at the “China Art Business Forum “ in Beijing on September 7th, 2003 as one of thirty speakers on the art of China as they join the World Trade Organization. Mr. Wilson was a guest of China and formed a partner ship with Mr. FangQuan Lu Ex. Vice Chairman Shanghai Cultural Development Foundation to create an International Art Fair in China he was a guest of China for 6 years working on this possibility.

Mr. Wilson was the invited and honored guest art consultant at the new “Art Caucasus” Exposition, held in Tbilisi, in the Republic of Georgia, in early October, of both 2004 and 2005 this fair was sponsored by the US State Department. This exposition combined artists and exhibitors from Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

The Lubeznik Center for the Arts in Michigan City In. has retained Mr. Wilson to Curate an International Ceramic Exposition for Sept. and Oct. 2008

Wilson and his wife, Kay, reside in Benton Harbor, Michigan.  They have two grown children, John D. Wilson, Jr. and Laurie Wilson and two grandchildren, Randy and Eric Deaton.




A versatile personality and a gentleman with dynamism, he is genuinely a man of mission. It was Mr. Gidwani who encouraged Mr. Wilson to include Indian artists as part of the program. He accompanied Mr. Wilson to different parts of India and highlighted Indias rich heritage in this sphere. gidwani_120 Mr. Gidwani is the founding President of The American Institute of Sindhulogy (AIS). AIS is a non-profit, non-religious, non-political entity dedicated to promoting awareness of the Ancient Sindhu (Indus) and Saraswati Civilization. The institute was inaugurated by Mr. Ram B. Jethmalani, former minister of Law and Justice and currently a member of Parliament on August 06,2000. See details web site link Click here: http://www.sindhulogy.org/pdfs/DGidwani_article.pdf Mr. Wilson was the invited and honored guest art consultant at the new Art Caucasus Exposition, held in Tbilisi, in the Republic of Georgia, in early October, of both 2004 and 2005. Mr. Dial has retired now.


Mr. Paul is the pivotal personality in India who provided the impetus to begin this project. Mr. Paul is able to travel India, and provide liaison between institutions such as Art Colleges, Galleries, Museums and Art Centers, that can provide the backing to make this international exchange program possible. He is familiar with the established and upcoming talent of India, and will be an able guide. arnab_paul_120 Arnab Paul lives in Indias capital, New Delhi, and spends time as well in Kolkata. His life work is based on assisting organizations and talents that may not have all of the opportunities of others. His illustrious career received a major thrust during his assignment as the Project Manager in the very prestigious Pension Reform Project of the Government of India, for design and development of the Crosstabular Analytical Tool.