Chitra Singh
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Name : Chitra Singh
Nationality : Indian
Country : India
City : greater noida
Category : painting
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“Art is the strongest medium through which a person can express their emotions as well as the deepest feelings of their soul”


I tryst with art started in my childhood and continued in my student life. I am Meerut born and obtained my Master’s degree in Drawing and painting from Meerut University in 1986. Since then I have done numerous group shows and solo exhibitions both in India and abroad and continues to do so.


My marriage to an Air Force officer, gave me opportunities to travel around the my country, understand  its wonderful people, their rich and diverse cultures and colorful emotions. I painted and created whatever I saw and appealed to me.

Love for beautiful nature and life translates into simplified and modernistic language in my paintings.  “My subject matter is simple and I express my aesthetic belief in artistic creativity with striking impact.”  I feel each part of a painting has its own psychological effect, which depends upon the perception of each individual. My paintings convey own language of paint and brush subtly, suggestive of my fleeting moods, which I express broadly by breaking the space of canvas.

Recently I have started to paint a series on lord Buddha’s life, because during my Sikkim visit with her family in 2005, I was very much inspired by 
Lord Buddha’s life and the kindness, compassion, forgiveness and goodwill he showed towards humanity. My paintings are a narration of the many stories about the Ascended Master and the Bodhisattva. Through them, the Buddha’s tranquillity his magnanimity, simplicity and forgiveness can be clearly felt. At a hurried glance the colour scheme of the paintings may seem starkly contrasting yet a balance can be felt which has been achieved through the intelligent use of various tones and texture.




                                                                                Chitra Singh