hari sadhan dey
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Name : harisadhan dey
Nationality : indian
Country : india
City : kolkata
Category : paintings
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As a young boy of an interior village Hari Sadhan Dey used to draw the colourful open air dramma of his sea side village at Kakdwip,West Bengal. Religious social rituals, shrines of village, gathering of famous Gangasagar mela cast a spell on him.

Hari Sadhan Dey have travelled a long-way since his student life with genuine effort to capture the essence of life in common people and was fascinated by the beauty of nature, Indian traditions and culture in an unadulterated mode. Thus he experienced life in its myriad form and beauty.

Chiaroscuro of nature, human form, expression ,emotion feelings, nostalgic images of old Calcutta have always inspired him and taken important place in his paintings, on which he working continuously.

In art, visually perceived world can bring out the inner image or the idea of the figure carry beyond the ordinary vision. The physical reflection of one’s inner self is reflecting through face. So face with different expression like peace, tranquillity, innocence is always a great source of inspiration for his paintings. Also, the influence of traditional Indian colour aesthetic and reflection of Hindu spiritual thought inspired him. I like to work within themes close to the masses in rural and folk societies.

His paintings aren’t situational narrative but these steeped in his own visual language transfer direct on his canvas. The detail process and technique of his painting has desire possibilities to offer an aesthetic pleasure, spiritual thoughts and a searing sensation about his own land to its viewer. In relation to the increasing impact of Western civilization on our culture his work suggests love for tradition and rediscovering our own roots.