Bishal Nath (Fine Arts)
Name : Bishal Nath
Nationality : Indian
Country : India
City : Bangalore
Category : Painting
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I am from North East part of India and staying in Mumbai(Bombay), India right now. I have been using pencil and brush for more than 20 years. I have grown up practicing Rabindranath Tagore’s style of sketching and painting. I have used water color for most of my painting in my earlier days of painting. Then I started working with oil colors and then moved to Acrylic Color. Acrylic Color is always my first preference when it comes to painting anything on canvas.

I always try to depict episode and experience of real life while working on canvas. I always try to work on Canvas to render lot of positive vibration. For the gloomy part of my painting, I always try to portray alternative meaning which can lead to positive hope. World around me inspires me to compose my painting.

I am interested in Wild Life Painting when it comes to realistic world of painting. Banarghatta Nation Park in Bangalore is the primary source of inspiration for my wild life paintings. Eastern part of India inspires me toward wild life too. I keep few days to visit wild life whenever I visit Eastern India. National Geographic videos and Google helped me a lot to understand wild life behavior and anatomy of Wild life without which it would have been impossible to compose any of my wild life painting.

Along with painting, I love cartooning. I always note down the interesting and funny incidents around me and portray it to cartoon whenever I get time. PJ, abstract jokes, incomplete jokes, IT industry and office are top on the subject list of my cartooning.

I am passionate about Choreography and Dancing apart from painting. Often I try to mix painting and dancing together. I have made a painting of Salsa recently with 3D effects on the painting and incomplete black background to show the difference between happiness and darkness in life.


contact: bishalnath@gmail.com contact@bishalnath.com

website: www.bishalnath.com