US - INDIA ART and Culture Exchange Center is one of the three divisions of Orpax Qualtra. USIAC is a Delhi NCR based Artworks organization which is principally associated with the concept design, manufacturing, and installation of Artworks. The organization specializes in producing innovative and aesthetically pleasing artworks for your place. We work across multiple sectors which include but are not limited to - museums, health-care, hospitality, real estate, media and entertainment, corporate and the public sector. Our artworks have been enhancing the appearance of spaces in museums, hospitals, hotels, airports, townships, corporate offices, public sector buildings, theme parks and educational institutes. We also participate in interior designing. In a nutshell your final destination for all your artwork requirements. Our expertise involves everything that is art. We Have a large collection of sculpts which includes bronze sculptures, gun-metal sculptures, Brass sculptures, Aluminum sculptures, Stainless Steel sculptures, Mild Steel sculptures, Fiberglass sculptures, Stones sculptures, Marbles, Garden sculptures, Statue and Wood sculptures. We also specialize in Murals of all varieties like wall relief mural artworks, fresco, and graffiti. Painting is understandably the most well-known art-form and is part of our core expertise. From oil, pastel, and acrylic to enamel, spray paint and digital painting including 3D painting incorporating different styles of painting like abstract art, landscape painting, Concept Art, Photorealism, Hyperrealism, Surrealism, Modernism and Impressionism we have got it all covered for you. Apart from these artworks our work also includes glass mosaic tiles, CNC cut artworks on metals, copper and stainless steel. US-India Art and Culture Exchange Center is also involved in artists exchange program around the world. We also organize exhibitions of our artworks across various Indian cities. Our inspiration originates from the majestic Indian tradition of art and crafts with elements of elegance and intricate details spread across different themes like epics, people, landscapes, and architecture. US-India Art and Culture Exchange Center provisions to reduce the constraints of being an artist and the challenges faced by the industries to find the perfect artworks for their space. We are constantly in search of partners to associate from around the world.

Let us acquaint you with the life tales of the people without whom this organization would not have seen fruition.




John D. Wilson founded and was the President of The Lakeside Group, Inc. Starting with the first Chicago International Art Exposition (CIAE) in 1980 at Chicagos historic Navy Pier, the Lakeside Group went on to produce many expositions, including the Chicago International New Art Forms Exposition (CINAFE), The Chicago International Antiques Show,the Chicago



International Festival of Flowers and Gardens, and the Chicago International Boat Show. Chicago Magazine named Mr. Wilson as Chicagos Cultural Showman for his dedication to the arts and on the 20th anniversary of Chicago Magazine, Wilson was named as one of the 20 most influential people, for his work in promoting the citys artistic image in those twenty years.

Mr. Wilson was the invited and honored guest art consultant at the new Art Caucasus Exposition, held in Tbilisi, in the Republic of Georgia, in early October, of both 2004 and 2005. This exposition combined artists and exhibitors from Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan, and enjoyed the support of the US AID.

Most recently, The Lubeznik Center for the Arts in Michigan City, Indiana asked Mr. Wilson to curate an International Ceramic Exposition, which opened last September. The work represented the twenty years of ceramic work that has been produced by the international and American artists in residence.

Wilson and his wife, Kay, reside in Benton Harbor, Michigan. They have two grown children, John D. Wilson, Jr. and Laurie Wilson and two grandchildren, Randy and Eric Deaton.




A versatile personality and a gentleman with dynamism, he is genuinely a man of mission. It was Mr. Gidwani who encouraged Mr. Wilson to include Indian artists as part of the program. He accompanied Mr. Wilson to different parts of India and highlighted Indias rich heritage in this sphere. gidwani_120

Mr. Gidwani is the founding President of The American Institute of Sindhulogy (AIS). AIS is a non-profit, non-religious, non-political entity dedicated to promoting awareness of the Ancient Sindhu (Indus) and Saraswati Civilization. The institute was inaugurated by Mr. Ram B. Jethmalani, former minister of Law and Justice and currently a member of Parliament on August 06,2000. See details web site link Click here: http://www.sindhulogy.org/pdfs/DGidwani_article.pdf




Mr. Paul is the pivotal personality in India who provided the impetus to begin this project. Mr. Paul is able to travel India, and provide liaison between institutions such as Art Colleges, Galleries, Museums and Art Centers, that can provide the backing to make this international exchange program possible. He is familiar with the established and upcoming talent of India, and will be an able guide. arnab_paul_120



Arnab Paul lives in Indias capital, New Delhi, and spends time as well in Kolkata.

His life work is based on assisting organizations and talents that may not have all of the opportunities of others.

His illustrious career received a major thrust during his assignment as the Project Manager in the very prestigious Pension Reform Project of the Government of India, for design and development of the Crosstabular Analytical Tool. V1.0 to view Survey Data for the All India Pension Survey Project undertaken by AC Nielsen India, (a transnational stalwart in market research). This was followed by design and development of the data analysis tool for the project Indian Income and Savings Survey (IISS) 2006 FACT FINDER 1.0 OUTLINE. Indian Incomes and Savings Survey (IISS) 2006 is Invest Indias national syndicated survey of Indians with cash incomes. Mr. Paul learned much working with these large multinational companies, which will help with the implementation of the US-INDIA exchange program.

Apart from this, an interesting and notable feature in Mr. Pauls life is the fact that right from being a toddler, he had an instinctive flair for painting. Gradually, his sincere interest in promoting the art and culture of India was prominent among his known circle and acquaintances. His love of the Arts and Culture of India has led him to become aware of the activities of Mr. Gidwani and Mr. Wilson, and to be interested in the promotion of the arts and the culture of India in the United States & India and subsequently to the rest of the world.